Too fast.

Someone recently said to me that things were happening too fast for them. Now I personally take life at a pretty quick pace; nothing is ever fast enough for me. So I find it hard to believe that things could happen too fast. You just deal with what comes along as it comes.

But it seems to me that the biggest problem in any company, organization, or even family, is the differing rates at which people can absorb, process, and deal with what is happening.

The fact is that on a macro level nothing really ever happens that fast anyway, with the exception of extreme weather and car accidents, neither of which is easily handled by anyone.

Just to be safe I spent the weekend sitting on the porch reading a novel, and the only thing that was too fast was the fly that kept buzzing around me. And I promise, no more stream of consciousness posts. I’m just trying to get back onto the rational plane.


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