The PR blogosphere.

While I can barely manage on coherent thought each day, Kent Newsome seems to have several, and they are always great. But this is the best one I’ve read so far:

The blogosphere is boring me lately, so I need to make some adjustments. I need to find a more conversational blogosphere.


I’m weary of hearing people who have done everything they can do to raise their profile in the blogosphere proclaim that they don’t care about traffic. Let some of those folks talk to themselves for about a week and see how they feel. It’s perfectly OK to raise your image and try to become influential among the hundreds of people who care what a blogger thinks. But it is hypocritical on its face to then turn around and say traffic (the blogosphere’s attention equivalent) isn’t important to you.

I started blogging entirely to become rich and famous, but fame and fortune seems to have eluded me, so I just blog for the enjoyment, and for the ability to remember neat stuff. When I started it was great to find new ideas on different topics each and every day. But it seems to have become more and more of an echo chamber. A couple of days ago it was Facebook, then HP spying yesterday, and today it is Amazon Unbox.

It’s like newspapers printing press releases, just a big PR execcise – pushing information at me without too much real analysis.

As Kent says, where is the conversation, the discussion about things? And not just the latest new technology today either.

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