It’s about time.

With Mark Evans once again graciously including Bleezer in his Blog Publishing Tool Round-Up, and pointing out its no frills nature, it’s about time that I get a new version together. Indeed, I’ve been working on this version for about six months now, but after all, it is a one person venture. I’m not a big company like Qumana – even if theye have two people they have me beat, and they do have a nice product.

I use Bleezer for everything I post, and I’ve added a lot of stuff that I wanted myself. So I’m my own customer, and I’m never really happy with the product, which is why it has taken so long. There is a lot of new stuff, the most obvious of which is a completely new layout and WYSIWYG editing, courtesy of an open source editor called Kafenio, which I’m not completely happy with yet.

There is also support for categories (which is giving me a little user interface trouble right now), direct image uploading to your blog when you insert an image, direct link posting to, and stuff like that. I’ll get a complete list together in the next couple of days.

And even with a bunch of new stuff there is still a ton of new things that I still want to add, some of which may show up partly done here and there. Sorry for the wait.


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