Snow Crash.

I read voraciously, so fast in fact that I quickly run out of books by my favorite authors. Imagine reading a full novel in every flight; having to carry two for a round trip. So having temporarily run out of other new stuff, I’m re-reading Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, which I first read 10 years ago. I’m not normally a science fiction fan, but it’s an entertaining read.

Then Snow Crash seemed to be a visionary view of what the internet might become, especially with new technologies like VRML. But today it seems more a precursor to Second Life. It’s impressive that we can create a virtual world, create an economy, and build in it whatever we want.

Yet in the novel, while the Metaverse is a spectacular place, it is the real world that has fallen apart. Are we creating incredible fantasy worlds at the expense of real life?

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