You may be a victim.

Paul Thurrott provides some screenshots of Microsoft’s Windows Genuine Advantage tool warning him that his copy of XP may not be genuine. This most hilarious line is this one:

You may be a victim of software counterfeiting.

Please repeat after me.

Microsoft doesn’t give a damn if you are a victim of software counterfeiting. They just want your money.

After all, you don’t have any problems do you? Everything works just fine on the supposedly counterfeit software.

Clicking on their link will take you to a screen where you can pay them for Windows XP license. They aren’t about to refund anything you already paid for a non-genuine copy of Windows.

It’s interesting to contrast their concern over not being paid for a copy of Windows with their concern for the amount of time you’ve wasted as a result of having to deal with the poor security inherent in Windows, manifested in viruses and spyware.

A year ago I had four laptops running Windows, but this is yet another reason why I’m about to buy my third Apple laptop in a year.

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