Trapped in the past.

A woman in Canada has filed a Human Rights complaint as a result of the fact that Weight Watchers fired her for not complying with their dress code – that requires her to wear a skirt and pantyhose:

Wendy Moger, who has multiple sclerosis, started wearing pantsuits about a month ago after having an electronic walking aid fitted to her leg.

Then, after nine years as a meeting leader with the weight-loss organization, the 50-year-old was let go June 30 because she wasn’t able to adhere to the dress code.

My first reaction was to ensure that the year was actually 2006 and not 1956. It has been acceptable for women to wear pants for my entire life, and it is ridiculous that any organization would even begin to suggest such a ridiculous dress code. And that isn’t even considering the fact that the woman has a perfectly valid medical reason as a result of a medical condition.

They seem to have no problem showing a woman in jeans on their website, even though that would also violate their dress code.

So they now come off as not only trapped in the past, failing to acknowledge how career women have changed, but also appear insensitive to the disabled, and inflexible to the changing needs of employees.

Frankly, the fact that this got as far as a human rights complaint just makes them look dumb.

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