Ship it!

I’ve been in Los Angeles for week finishing up a product for a pretty serious customer – the kind of company that can really put a startup on the map. I can’t talk about it yet, but it is pretty cool.

It’s one of Rick Segal’s portfolio companies, so I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Rick’s happy (and occasionally not so happy) face across the desk from me for about the past eight hours. Rick’s a guy that takes the customer very seriously, and he let me know pretty clearly yet politely when I wasn’t keeping the best interests of the customer at heart. I’m pretty careful, but he caught me a few times. So I figure if Rick says it’s good enough to ship, then he’s comfortable with customer perception of the product.

Inserting sanity into the mix was Wendell Hicken, who is about the most serious guy I know when it comes to music, and someone who can still display an amazing sense of humor after eight hours of testing and bug fixing. He really does need to blog more though.

The verdict? Ship it.

We decided that it was good enough to go to the customer for this pass. And good enough that I’ll be stretched out on the beach tomorrow.


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