Pay you? To test your software?

Somebody at Microsoft seems to be bent on coming up with more ways to frustrate users, including this plan to charge users $1.50 to download the Office 2007 beta:

"Since the end of May, Beta 2 has been downloaded more than 3 million times…That’s 500 percent more than what was expected," the spokeswoman said. "The fee helps offset the cost of downloading from the servers."

So because people are stupid enough to download the software and test it, Microsoft is planning on recouping a measly $1.50 from each user.

I’m doing my part to help out by not downloading Office, and running OpenOffice instead. That also cuts down on Microsoft support requirements. I’m trying to do my part by using less Microsoft software, so that I won’t be contributing to their problem of too many users.

Tip of the hat to MasterMaq.

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