Get a Mac.

I spent the day telling Rick that his problems could be solved by getting a Mac. He generally replied with increasingly vocal negativity along the lines of sticking my Mac somewhere.

So it was perfect timing to read how you can emulate the security of the ever forthcoming Windows Vista using an Intel Mac:

More than a few analyst have made the connection between Vista’s UAC and the long-available security and rights model used by the Mac OS X (and Unix and Linux). On the Mac, for example, you’re always running as a limited user, but at times — like when you’re installing software — you have to provide an administrator username and password.

If Vista’s UAC is a copy of Mac OS X’s approach, why not stare in the horse’s mouth.

It means a new computer — and Apple’s Intel-based Mac minis, iMacs, MacBooks, and MacBook Pros are not cheap, no matter what Apple’s fans say — as well as another licensed copy of Windows XP and some virtualization software, but it could be the best of both worlds.

If what you want out of Vista is its enhanced security, then you don’t really have to wait any longer.


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