Quality Time.

Mike Urlocker was a bit skeptical of a survey David Pogue noted, where a majority of BlackBerry users indicated that the device either gave them more time with their family (40%) or at least didn’t take away from time spent with their family currently (48%). Only a small percentage (12%) suggested that their family time was decreased.

Mike undertook his own study, and found the act of responding more telling that the response:

Never mind for now what people said for now; Look at what they did:

  • 32% responded on the weekend;
  • More than 20% replied within two hours;
  • 6% replied while on a holiday or at vacation spots.
  • 14% replied Monday morning.

Users of devices such as the BlackBerry may be convinced that since it allows them to leave the office earlier, that they actually spend more time with the family, but it is false economy if that time spent at home is just used to check the BlackBerry. These folks have become slaves to technology, answering only to an electronic taskmaster, to which everything appears important and urgent.

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