Net Neutrality can kill you.

Thomas Greeme at The Register has finally realized the truth about Net Neutrality:

I had thought the reason we don’t get HD movies on the internet had something to do with greedy control freaks within the entertainment cartels who have yet to figure out how to charge us for online content according to a pay-per-use scheme. But apparently, it’s because there isn’t a special pipe carrying movies, for which we can pay extra. Apparently, the movies will begin to flow as soon as the pipe is laid and the valve opened.

And he has this animated cartoon to thank, provided by an astroturf a grassroots organization called Hands Off The Internet, that wants you to know the dangers of Net Neutrality. And they are worried that Net Neutrality may kill you:

It won’t be long before high bandwidth consuming video spam will be competing for available network capacity with mission-critical or life-saving data. For example, doctors are experimenting with using remote video feeds and robotic surgical tools to operate at a distance – why prohibit telemedicine application providers from purchasing priority in the network over the latest annoying antihistamine ad?

To our knowledge this is the first time someone has pointed out just how exceedingly dangerous these misguided so-called Net neutrality proposals would be. Having seen what havoc Mother Nature can wreak, we would be foolish to do anything that hinders our responses.

Yes if we allow Net Neutrality to happen doctors won’t be able to save our lives, and we won’t be able to respond to natural disasters. And we know that telecom companies would never try to take advantage of a bad situation like that.

If only we could find some way to help these poor telecom companies to provide the kinds of service that they want to, to keep us out of danger. Perhaps a special "Save Your Local Carrier" fund – $200 billion or so ought to do it.

Your very life may depend on it. Once the carriers have set aside 80% of their bandwidth for their own use, they’ll need every penny to make sure that the last 80% is available to the highest bidder for emergencies.


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