It’s all about control.

Mark Evans loves Slingbox, and thinks that it would be a great addition to any home:

I used to think the Slingbox was a no-brainer for road warriors and people able to watch TV at work but the more I see it used, the more I think it’s a relatively inexpensive (one-time expense of $170 to $250) tool to give you even more control over how, when and where you watch TV. For anyone who spends a few thousand dollars on a big-screen TV, why not spend a few more bucks on a nice-to-have feature.

All television channels in Canada must be approved by the government in order to protect Canadian culture, so there is no HBO for Canadians. They have their own MTV, and TV Land Canada plays shows that I can’t imagine Canadians ever watched. And Canadians are not allowed to see Super Bowl commercials – the event must be simulcast on a Canadian channel with the same old Canadian commercials.It is even illegal to subscribe to an American satellite network in Canada.

So I can see a huge market for Slingboxes located in other countries. I don’t have one yet, but if I did I would put it in Los Angeles or Boston, so that I could watch local television there. Which leads me to wonder if, when Slingbox starts to take off, will Canada make it illegal to protect their culture (or more likely to protect the Canadian cable and satellite companies).

In fact, I wonder if American cable companies would consider selling services to me over the internet. I could buy a cable package from them, delivered via Slingbox. Surely there’s no law against that… yet.


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