Damned if you do; damned if you don’t.

A group of clinical nutrition researchers, concerned that people were focusing too much on only one or two causes of obesity, came up with a list of 10 more. My favorite is number 4 – Decreased smoking (Smoking reduces weight. Americans smoke much less than they used to.)

So if you smoke, you may get cancer, which can kill you. If you stop smoking, you may get obese, which can kill you. You can’t win either way. (Ok, unless you also exercise or eat less.)

But the “Cruel Joke of Nature” award goes to number 9 – Obesity linked to fertility. Perhaps obese people are more fertile, and we’re genetically predisposed to getting bigger.

Of course if global warming actually increases, we’ll just sweat the pounds off. Eventually nature will achieve a balance. (Ed. Note to people with no sense of humor: The preceding comment was intended to be humorous.)


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