Content is NOT king. Distribution is.

I’ve heard the expression "Content is king" repeated ad nauseum for years and it is catchy, but it isn’t true. Actually "Distribution is king".

It isn’t that tough to figure out either. In pretty much every medium the people that distribute the content make far more than those who produce the content. Record companies make far more than the artists do on the sale of a song or a CD. Wal-Mart makes profit than the manufacturers of the products they sell. And telcos have become rich distributing what is referred to as "user-generated content".

In fact, it is that user-generated content and the increased use of the internet that has made the telcos relevant at all, increasing profits as customers make the switch to broadband. Of course the telcos now want to cash in on the increased dependence on the internet by moving away from net neutrality and on to tiered pricing.Sadly, they are too stupid to realize that killing off the flow of content would cut that profit, though they will certainly make it up in increased charges for high end customers, while punishing the average broadband user.

This kind of change to the distribution model will have the effect of substantially cutting the flow of content. So if content is king, then why doesn’t it have control over distribution? Because the people who control the distribution will always win in the end.

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