I’m going to make a prediction that gas prices will go up to $1.11 per liter this weekend. That’s about $4.50 a gallon. Given the current price of $0.99 per liter ($3.96 per gallon), that’s an increase of over 12%.

How can I make such a prediction you ask?

Well for one thing, it’s a long weekend, and gas prices always increase before a long weekend. Oops, I forgot that oil companies would say that prices are just getting back to normal after a small price war.

Oh yeah, I also noticed about an hour ago that the gas station near my home had raised its price to $1.11.3 per liter ($4.45 per gallon).

Of course that’s for regular 89 octane gas. 91 octane will set you back about $1.21 per liter ($4.84 per gallon), and premium will really hurt at about $1.31 per liter ($5.24 per gallon).


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