Knowing it when you see it.

Seth Godin posits that most marketing people who think they know a winning campaign or product when they see it, simply don’t. He does make possible allowances for a couple of people though:

Perhaps Clive Davis knows a hit song when he hears one, and certainly Giorgio Armani has the magic eye. But, just speaking for myself, I don’t have Clive’s ears or Giorgio’s eyes.

If Clive Davis knows a hit song when he hears one, then why are multi-million dollar marketing campaigns required to turn those songs into hits? And why are fashion shows and ad campaigns required to promote Armani suits if they are hits?

Even when we have proven talent that isn’t always enough.Kelly Clarkson won the first American Idol, apparently proving that she had more talent than any other contestant. But it took all of the Idol media attention, and millions of dollars of marketing to keep her records above the general noise level in the music business.

If these people know a hit when they hear one, why did nobody sign the Arctic Monkeys to a record deal?


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