Killer of the week.

Mark Evans wonders why people are fascinated with the idea of a BlackBerry killer:

My column in the National Post this week is about Motorola’s "Q", and the strange obsession people have with the hyping the next Blackberry-killer.

This week it’s the BlackBerry killer. Before that it was the obsession with an iPod killer. Microsoft is looking for a Google killer. Years ago they created a Netscape killer.

In every market there is always a winner; a top dog. And there is always a competitor trying to come up something better, as if that will suddenly make people want to switch. It’s tough to get people to switch by themselves though. Internet Explorer didn’t beat Netscape because people decided it was better. Corporate IT departments just preferred the browser that came free with the operating system and forced people to use it.

The idea of a product "killer" gives marketing staff something to strive for, even though what they are really trying to do is change peoples’ minds. And it gives journalists something to write about.


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