It’s not the heat. It’s the humidity.

I’m one of the few people I know who enjoy it when it is hot outside. The past couple of days the temperature has hit about 100 degrees, and about 100% humudity, and I’ve been out on my bike soaking up that sun. I never complain about the heat. And I only turned on the air conditioning in the evening to allow my family to get a good sleep primarily because the excess humidity makes it a bit uncomfortable.

The weather has been pretty wacky though. A week ago it was so cold that we had to wear jackets. This week we’re baking. And then today we were hit with wicked thunderstorms and some tornado activity.

Now I’m sure that some people would tell me that this is all explained by global warming. Of course if we can’t predict the weather a week away I’m not really sure we can guess what will happen in 20 or 200 years either. I’m just reminded of the fact that nature is the most unpredictable thing of all, and I don’t think we understand near as much about it as we think we do.


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