Nick Carr suggests that Google offer users a choice:

If Google wants to fully live up to its ideals – to really give primacy to the goal of user choice in search – it should open up its home page to other search engines. That would be easy to do without mucking up the page or the "user experience." You could just add a simple drop down menu that would allow users to choose whether to do a search with Google’s engine, or Microsoft’s, or Yahoo’s, or one of the other, less-well-known engines that now exist.

I notice that he isn’t suggesting that Microsoft offer to sell other companies’ products on their home page. Because that amounts to pretty much the same idea.


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One thought on “Choice?

  1. Google users already have a choice…. we CHOOSE to type in Google’s web address instead of MSDN or Yahoo! or whatever. And before someone says that people also “choose” to be locked in to M$, that’s clearly a different case…. for the average user, Windows comes installed on their PC, and they do not have the skill/expertise to switch. A web site is an entirely different ballgame.

    What an asinine idea from Mr. Carr.

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