Truth or consequences.

There’s one heck of an argument happening in the blog world today. An Australian publication, SmartHouse Magazine, published an article stating that 60% of Windows Vista code needed to be rewritten before it could be shipped. Now that is just ludicrous, and most people figured that out. But SmartHouse stuck to their story, and produced a source. Even still, the story is more likely misunderstanding than fact.

But rather than just post a correction and leave it at that, Robert Scoble, normally a of open conversation, suggested that the editor and journalist involved with the story be fired. And he went a lot further today:

But, we should now start deriding people who link to non-credible sources. I will. Anyone who links to that jerk down in Australia anymore is simply not doing bloggers any favors. Same for anyone who links to the Register. I don’t believe a word they write. At least not while Andrew Orlowski works there.

Robert is entitled to his opinion, but so is everyone else, even if they don’t share his.

This story doesn’t seem all that likely, and as I said may simply be the result of a misunderstanding. But I think that persistent denials and vitriolic blog posts have only served to raise its profile. Most people are capable of applying rational common sense when they read stories like this. Others will believe whatever they want to, and there’s really nothing you can do about it.

I suppose the last word belongs to Shelley at Burningbird, who demonstrates that she will link to whoever she darn well pleases thank you very much.And that’s fine with me, because I really want a balanced blogosphere. I want to know both the correct story and the inaccurate story so that I can tell the difference.


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