No such thing as bad PR.

For the first time in days Microsoft is not at the top of memeorandum. First they announced that Vista would be delayed. Then there was a report that 60% of Vista had to be rewritten. Then Robert Scoble noted that this was hogwash, and became a flashpoint for all kinds of positive and negative sentiment.

It’s been a few days and now Robert is begging people to insult him. Rick Segal thinks Robert should be fired. And the Head Lemur thinks that Robert needs an intervention.

I hope everyone has gotten this out of their system and we can all go back to business as usual. I’ve seen a lot of energy wasted on a piece of software. And a week of free PR for Microsoft.


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One thought on “No such thing as bad PR.

  1. “For the first time in days Microsoft is not at the top of memeorandum.”

    Finally, someone else has seen through the smoke and mirrors.

    I did point this out in Update 3 but no one seemed to notice.

    Whether intentional or not, Scoble should add this incident to his book. Perhaps under the title, How to kill one meme by creating another.

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