Meanwhile back on XP.

After 20 years of using PCs I switched to a Macintosh a few months ago. A couple of weeks ago I bought a new Sony Vaio laptop for some work I’m doing. Now I have no intention to switch back to me, but if I ever needed a refresher on why I switched to Mac I got it tonight.

The laptop came with a copy of Norton Anti-Virus, which I hadn’t activated. I thought that the anti-virus software was causing a problem with something I was working, but I couldn’t seem to turn it off because I hadn’t activated it. I started to activate it and didn’t like the terms of the license agreement, so I decided to just remove it. That was my mistake.

Apparently I couldn’t install it without upgrading my Microsoft Windows Installer. That’s right, my two week laptop was so out of date that I couldn’t REMOVE a piece of software. Yet somehow Norton got on the machine in the first place.

So I was forced to go to Microsoft and figure out what installer to get. And it wasn’t as if there was some simple search for it. After four different attempts I found a version 3.1 that seemed to work on XP SP2. So I decided to download it.

Not so fast folks. First I had to download some software to determine if I had Genuine Windows XP. That’s right, Microsoft needed to ensure that they had gotten their money from my two weeks ago laptop purchase, so that I could install software that they hadn’t, so that I could remove software that I didn’t want.

So I had to download a program to check my PC. After the program decided I was for real, I was then allowed to download the installer software. I installed that software, and then as quickly as I possibly could, I installed every last bit of Norton Anti-Virus.

So what have we learned? To be allowed to remove software that I didn’t want in the first place, I had to prove that I paid money to Microsoft, so that I could download the installer for Microsoft products. The installer that wouldn’t actually install anything I hadn’t paid for in the first place.

Now I remember why I switched to Macintosh.


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