Act faster.

Two companies called me for interviews for open positions this past week. I’m not looking right now so I called them both up and thanked them but said I wasn’t interested.

I live in a medium size town with a few tech companies, and those companies (including these two) frequently complain that they just can’t find people to hire. Both of these companies had a number of open postings on their website, postings that had been there for quite some time. I had sent resumes to both of these companies for open positions. For one of the companies, I had emailed AND faxed the resume to both the HR Manager AND the CEO.

And they contacted me, so it’s all good, right? Funny thing though, I had actually sent the resumes for those open positions about three months earlier. I guess the chances of hiring good people go up dramatically if you actually call them back in a reasonable timeframe. As it is, these companies were too late to hire me.

Throughout my career I’ve ended up working with folks that saw something they liked and acted very quickly to hire me. I’ve never worked with a company that took more than two weeks to interview me and make me an offer.


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