Useless tools.

I could build an entire application from start to finish with no problem in Netbeans, but I had to waste an entire afternoon trying to figure out why the debugger in Microsoft Visual Studio won’t show me the value of a pointer.

I estimate that my productivity level has dropped by about 200% by using Visual Studio, and most of that time is spent tracking down errors that aren’t even explained on Microsoft’s site.

Yesterday I needed the Windows Media Format SDK. At I couldn’t find anything but the 64-bit version. I Googled it and the top hit was…. you guessed it – at But Microsoft sure wasn’t going to tell me about it.

Next time Robert Scoble talks about how much better search could be he should start with his own site.


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One thought on “Useless tools.

  1. Your productivity may have dropped 200% by using Visual Studio – but it was already taking a HUGE hit when you decided to program in C/C++ ;)

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