What is “cross-platform convergence”?

The at&t ad on page 19 of the Sunday New York Times says that the merged companies of at&t and SBC can deliver “cross platform convergence”. I hadn’t heard that term before so I Googled it, and found 368 hits, many of which are actually a differently punctuated version. Perhaps it’s telling that the fifth hit is the Corporate Gibberish Generato on AndrewDavidson.com:

We will generate the capacity of client-focused cross-platform convergence
monitoring reports to mesh. Imagine a combination of Unix and SMIL. …

After searching the ad for their website TheNewATT.com – printed in tiny font in faint white print on the orange background at the top and far awar from the rest of the text – I found it wasn’t much help, only having this to say (in an image, as opposed to text):

Your world. Delivered. AT&T’s passion to invent and SBC’s drive to deliver have come together to create the most complete and secure network, delivering what matters most in your world. Introducing the new AT&T.

Click here to learn more about the merger.

Apparently the must feel that customers are more concerned about the merger than their service, because they never actually mention what matters most to me.

But back to the original question, I can logically work out what they might have meant; that they can help you work efficiently in a world of multiple platforms like different operating systems, networks, phone services, and other things. But what do they really mean?

Is it possible that there exists today a company that doesn’t deliver cross-platform convergence?

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