Dave Barry: Newspapers are dead.

The San Francisco Chronicle interviewed Dave Barry, a guy who made his name through his newspaper column, and captured his stunning proclamation:

“Newspapers,” he said right off the bat, “are dead.”

“The era of the writer in the newspaper was in the ’70s and ’80s,” Barry said, “when newspapers were making money no matter what. They’d send somebody off to Fiji for a story. If you knew you had somebody good, you’d just send them. You knew they’d come up with something.”

Dave suggests that blogs and podcasts are the future:

“About five years ago, I went to the Herald and I told them, ‘I’ve got this blog and maybe you’d like to run it,’ ” Barry said. “And they said, ‘It’s a what?’ But then they had a committee meeting or something and now they want everybody to have a blog. They want the security guard to have a blog.”

While I don’t believe that newspapers are dead yet, I do believe that they need to find a way to interact with their readers if they want to remain relevant in the future.


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