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Robert Scoble wants to be able to tag his personal information in such a way the search engines can find it and make it available for people looking for him.

I’d just like to know why there is no way to indentify a phone number on a web page. There is the mailto: prefix for email, but why not a phone: prefix? Or an IM: (or AOL:, Yahoo:, MSN:, and Google:) prefix?

With the proliferation of VoIP and products like Skype and Gizmo, why can’t I just click to call somebody?

To be fair, it seems that microformats are the answer to this question, but it just seems like it has taken a long time to get there, and we aren’t there yet.


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  1. These tags exist in beta:

    On google, rphonebook gives you the residential phone book while bphonebook gives you the business phone book.

    For example, in google type

    “bphonebook:Bush george, washington dc”

    without the quotes and see what comes back.

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