Who is Jacquie Lawson?

A few days ago I’d never heard of Jacquie Lawson. While we were visiting my parents’ house over Christmas, my father showed me several Jacquie Lawson flash e-cards that friends had sent him for Christmas. He explained that they had paid $8 for a yearly membership to do so. In this age of everything free on the internet, I was intrigued that people would do that, but several certainly had.

alarm:clock has a bit more on Ms. Lawson.


One thought on “Who is Jacquie Lawson?

  1. I am a new member. I have been looking
    forward to e-mailing your new Christmas cards.
    I am extremely disappointed as to the difficulty
    presented to log on.!! I wish now that I had
    never participated. And now no e-cards will be
    sent for Christmas.

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