News versus editorial.

Jeff Jarvis points out two views of the same event; Jeremy Hermanns view from inside the Alaska Air flight that depressurized and was forced to land, and a news story about it.

The news story reports the event in a straightforward non-emotional fashion. Jeremy’s account is very graphic and emotional and talks about his experience of the incident and how he feels about it. He even comments on the fact that the accident was caused by a non-union baggage handler:

The enraging fact is that a non-union baggage handler ran into the side of the plane moments prior to take-off … and that it was never reported.

The article he quotes does not actually state that though.

There is a reason these two accounts are different. News is news. But Jeremy’s account is news plus editorial. He gives us information as the news story does, but he goes further and adds opinion. He says the parents were confused, as fact that the news story can’t include without the comments of a confused parent. He adds his feelings; for example we know he is pro-union.

Perhaps that is the difference between bloggers and journalists. Journalists may try to avoid bias yet fail to do so, but at least they tried. Bloggers are driven by their passion to report information, and their reports are colored by that passion. The difference is the passion that drives them.


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