All your CD belong to us.

Arif opened his copy of the latest Coldplay CD to find a note telling him what he couldn’t do with the CD. In fact, there doesn’t appear to be anything on the list that he CAN do.

The note even lists several devices (9 different classes actually) on which the CD might not play.

Let’s not forget, this what record companies do to people who pay for their music.


One thought on “All your CD belong to us.

  1. This ‘Copy Control’ technology is here in Asutralia and is on the Coldplay discs here aswell as Norah Jones, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and many other artists in the EMI stable.

    Here is a site that shows you the way to copy one of these CD’s from the true Audio track as it has a Data & Audio layer. I have sucessfully made a backup of my own CD with this rubbish on it.

    Here is also an article regarding the proposed ‘fair-use’ policies that will be introduced into Australia to stop this crap from occuring here in the future.,10221,17673408-10431,00.html

    With the topic discussed on Slashdot here

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