The Web 2.0 Validator.

I missed this the other day, but The Head Lemur points out a very useful tool for people on the web today – the Web 2.0 Validator:

Who makes the rules?

You do. All the rules of web 2.0 are provided by users of this site. The definition of web 2.0 changes on a daily basis. Now you can keep up with your web 2.0-ness since this site checks randomly against the most recent rules decreed by it’s users.

My initial score was 5 out of 25. So I’m going to add the following and see what happens:

I plan to create a Web 2.0 startup that creates mash-ups using metadata,, and the Google Maps API, built with Ruby on Rails. I’m going to be the Flickr of RDF and the Semantic Web.


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