Mac browser recommendations?

Elisa Camahort is looking for browser advice for the Mac:

Should I bite the bullet and try Firefox? And if so, is there some utility or extension that will import my bookmarks…much as I hate messing around with stuff like that?

I was using the .8 version of Camino. Has anyone found that the new 1.x version is much more stable?

Is there yet another alternative that I am not thinking of? (And yes, I could try Flock, I suppose…but is that really a full-featured browser…it strikes me as more interesting because of its other features.)

MacGeek advice would be most welcome at this juncture :)

As a Mac user for all of 2 weeks now, I’ve suggested Firefox as my favorite.

One thought on “Mac browser recommendations?

  1. Thanks Larry!

    I have re-installed Firefox, and I have imported my bookmarks successfully. The next dreaded import utility I need is to import all of my password and authentication info. Not sure that will be as simple!

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