Job search update.

A few friends have asked how my job search is going, so I’ll provide an update.

I live in a town with a small technology industry that is constantly complaining about being unable to find people to hire. So I’ve found it odd that even with years of relevant experience, a referral to the hiring managers fails to yield even an acknowledgement. Of course I have had people say to me after reading my resume that I would be too expensive for them, without even asking my salary requirements. Personally I’m concerned more with how much somebody will make for me rather that just what I have to pay them, but I’ve heard this from other folks as well.

I’ve also been amazed to hear about recent layoffs in what seemed to be a decent technology market, and I know a few people who are now looking as well.

Barbara Ehrenreich has just written a book called Bait and Switch : The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream about the job search process. Her point, and I wholeheartedly agree, if that the whole job search industry is based more on hopes and dreams than facts. There is no shortage of people who will tell you (often for a price) what you have to do to network, to research, to interview, and to get a job, but all of the networking in the world won’t get you a job if there aren’t jobs available, or they’re looking for something else.

Fortunately I’ve a couple excellent and interesting consulting offers, and I find those very attractive as they allow me to use a much wider range of my skills, something I’ve rarely been able to do working for a company with more structured roles.

I’ll keep you posted.


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