Good question.

The Business 2.0 Blog recounts a story by Doug Edwards, former director of consumer marketing and brand management for Google, about a question Sergey Brin asked of him in his interview:

I’m going to give you five minutes,” he told me. “When I come back, I want you to explain to me something complicated that I don’t already know.” He then rolled out of the room toward the snack area. . . . I found out later that he asked almost everyone to do this, so if a candidate wasn’t hired, at least it wasn’t a total waste of his time.

A very good question. And I have absolutely no idea what I would say, but I’m going to give it some thought. What would you say?

Tip of the hat to Alex Barnett.

One thought on “Good question.

  1. I’d explain the impossibility of deducing what a person I just met knows or does not know in five minutes without that person present, and how destructive such a line of questioning is to a quality job interview.

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