Feeling more womanly.

No not me. Elisa Camahort feels much better about herself now that she has been validated by a Business Week article that reports that women account for 50% of all technology purchases:

Blame the male geek culture at digital hardware marketers for ignoring women in the past. As recently as early 2003, Samsung Electronics tested its phones, TVs, and home theaters with all-male focus groups. Today, the company makes sure half its reviewers are women. The payoffs: Samsung designed its DuoCam — the first two-lens digital camera and camcorder — after women reported they liked to record “life events” both in photographs and video but didn’t like to lug around two gadgets. The camera recently became lighter by 40%, again the result of female feedback.

The article also comments on shopping at Radio Shack:

RadioShack Chief Marketing Officer Don Carroll says women behave differently from their first step in the store, based on studying his in-store-motion cameras. “Men look left and right, identify their product, and head towards it, but women really shop the store before reaching their goal,” says Carroll. He’s changing lighting at the company’s 5,000 outlets and making the stores less cluttered, a leading complaint among women and a move that will no doubt make it easier for men to shop as well.

I’m astounded it took them so long. On those rare times when I must go into Radio Shack, my wife won’t come in with me, and even I find it to be a titiny little space with shelves jammed full of crap, all with “on sale” tags.

I am also amazed when the salespeople talk to me and ignore my wife to the point that I have to remind them that we are both making the purchasing decision. And yes, I am one of those men that wishes gadgets came in different colors and designs. It kills me that 100 years after the Model T, you can now get a PC in any color you want as long as it is gray and comes in one shape and size.


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  1. OK Larry, I’ll amend my post to say “I’m sure we all, except Larry Borsato, feel much more womanly tonight.” :)

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