Will a Mac make me smarter?

I’m in the process of buying a new laptop, and I’m waffling between a Mac 12″ Powerbook and a 14″ widescreen PC laptop. A report from Nielsen/NetRatings found that those who use Macs tend to be better educated and make more money than those using PCs.

Now does that mean that smarter, richer people buy Macs? Or does it mean that if I buy a Mac I’ll suddenly get smarter and make more money? Here’s hoping for the latter.

Tip of the hat to Kathy Sierra at Creating Passionate Users.

3 thoughts on “Will a Mac make me smarter?

  1. From an article that you blogged about two weeks ago, they said that studies show that users with larger monitors are between 10% and 44% more productive. (You were actually making reference to what the article says about the effects of constant interruptions.) Your blog was:


    However, with that said, I would still go with a Mac over Windows.

  2. As a dedicated Mac user (converted 2 years ago or so after reaching the end of my patience with windows failures), I’d never go back. I used to enjoy tinkering with a computer, now I enjoy getting my work done, not seeing the entire file system, and looking at software that is not only designed to work well and with focus but also looks great. I have never installed a driver, nor had a peripheral fail to work on connection. I’ve had bugs, applications crash once in a while, but the OS itself has crashed less than five times (yes I count) in that time. For me, it’s about productivity and aesthetics.

  3. I got a 12″ Powerbook a few months ago, and I’ve been very satisfied with it. I’m a software developer, so I don’t mind being able to get down into the guts of the thing when I want/need to, but I also appreciate the ease of use and the fact you don’t have to spend much time fiddling around with the machine just to make it work. The last straw for me with Windows was the huge amount of spam and intrusive malware targeted to the Windows platform, because of its large marketshare. I was spending entirely too much time scanning for viruses and spyware and cleaning things off the system. I had a firewall and four separate malware monitoring programs installed, and it was still a daily manual effort. No more of that, please. Unless there’s a specific program you absolutely need that is only available for Windows, I definitely recommend a Mac – especially if you intend to connect to the Internet.

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