The other day I commented about ma.gnolia, a new search tool, and I tool them to task about the fact that their signup page asked for a VIP code. Not having a VIP code, I commented that this gave me the first impression that I wasn’t important to them.

Todd Sieling, product manager for ma.gnlolia responded first in the comments, and then personally via email, to apologize for giving that impression. The VIP code idea was really a tongue in cheek salute to early friends and family users, and Todd said that they realized that the label did sound a bit elitist, apologizing for the perceived snub.

It’s always nice to discover a company that listens to what customers are saying, even the average ones, understands the problem, and then takes action to ensure that those customers are satisfied. It doesn’t mean that the customer is always right, but it does mean that the company is willing to admit they might not be.

ma.gnolia scores points from me for listening and reacting.


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