Our feelings get hurt so easily.

I was recently doing some work with a company that was evaluating internal processes to see what was working and what wasn’t. The research had been done, and the report was being prepared.

At this point one of the people in the company laid down a key guideline for the report and presentation. There couldn’t be any criticism of any kind of the company – nothing negative of any kind – regardless of what the research revealed.

Imagine paying a consultant to determine how effective your processes were, but telling them they weren’t able reveal the results unless they would make the company happy. Just how much would they learn from that?

I think if there was any bad news I’d want to know about it so that I could do something about it. Fortunately it was a lower level person who provided that comment, so I assumed it was not indicative or the company. Yet that person must have gotten that idea from somewhere.

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