The “record” button.

JD Lasica at Darknet asks “What does it take to ‘induce’ infringement?

That’s easy. A “record” button. As soon as Sony put a record button on the Betamax VCR, they were clearly inducing infringement.

Aren’t makers of blank tapes, CDs, DVDs, or media of any kind inducing infringement? What about products like the Archos portable media player? They have no store from which to but videos, so the user is forced to copy them from somewhere else. What about TiVo?

In Canada, Shaw Cable advertises their service as a way to download that one good song from an album.

I’m sure that the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) thinks just like the Business Software Alliance (BSA) – eliminate piracy and people will replace every illegal copy with a licensed copy. Sorry guys. Ain’t gonna happen. Microsoft admitted that when they licensed their software for $1 per computer in Indonesia.

Meanwhile you’ve pissed off customers who already buy CDs and because of DRM can’t use them on their iPods – even though they paid for them. Where is the incentive to buy a CD when it is useless to you?

Some smart company is going to start helping artists to publish direct to the web and you can say goodbye to the ridiculous markup on physical items. I’m sure artists wouldn’t mind being paid directly. In fact, iTunes probably has the wherewithal to do marketing for new album releases if they want to, which would probably be a much preferred way of spending the 65 cents they currently pay the record companies for each song. They could give the artist 10 cents per song and spend the rest on marketing. It’s pretty clear that the RIAA is concerned about the gravy train going away.

As for the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), DVD sales are spectacular, and growing. You’re even selling old TV shows on DVD. shows that were paid for long ago, with no royalties to pay – all profit. Just how greedy are you?