Halley Suitt says that women are starting to hold men to a higher standard:

Women are holding men to a high standard — the SAME higher standard women have been held to for years.

And they’re starting to compare notes with other women:

And here’s the very BAD NEWS — all the girls are talking to one another about it, yes, right here on the net. They’re telling all the secrets of men they date — in fact, I’m surprised there aren’t “HE’S A DUD” dating sights were women warn other women about duds they’ve dated. (Just a matter of time I think — imagine it like eBay on Estrogen — yikes!)

We already have sites like RateMyProfessors.com – how long before we see RateMyDates.com?

And after all these years of hearing that the thing women are looking for most is a sense of humor, Halley confirms my suspicions by putting it fourth on her list. Well at least she ranks it higher than being good in bed.