Microsoft says “We’re still relevant.”

Steve Ballmer says that Microsoft is gaining on Google:

In the next six months, we’ll catch Google in terms of relevancy,” he said.

He seems to be assuming that Google is just standing still and waiting for them. It appears that Google is on a completely different plane, leaving Microsoft in perpetual catch up mode.

Microsoft has forgotten that relevance is based entirely on what customers think of you, and Google is the clear winner in mind share. It must be frustrating for Microsoft to fight against an enemy that doesn’t seem to play by any rules – because they don’t have to.

Ballmer wants to be able to search corporate databases for information:

Take for instance the Siebel database. Now I’ve never used that interface. But I’d love to go to it and say ‘who is the account manager for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia?’,” Ballmer told the partners.

Wouldn’t you also like to click on Google Maps and see all of your customers and their data? If I served a geographic area that would sure be a lot more useful than multiple queries.