Kill Bill C60.

Canada is about to pass new copyright legislation that gives new rights to foreign-owned content companies, yet takes rights away from individuals. is a site that aims to fight that.

As the site notes, the government’s own FAQs on the bill employ Digital Rights Management (DRM) to ensure that you cannot copy and repost the content:

English FAQ
French FAQ

*note that these files are encumbered with a form of Digital Rights Management. This was put in place by our own government to restrict YOUR legitimate access to the content. This is a prime example of how DRM can be abused. If our own government is abusing this technology (the one department which should know better, no less), you can bet that private corporations will be also.

My favorite part is the one where your right to make a private copy is eliminated:

Q7. Is there a risk that protection of technological measures (TMs) will adversely affect users?

A. … Circumvention for the purposes of making private copies of sound recordings will not be permitted, however. …

Perhaps you have purchase the latest Coldplay or Foo Fighters CD as I have, both of which have DRM which silently installs on your computer without your knowledge. This bill says that you will be unable to make a backup of that CD, or even listen to it on your iPod. That sure sounds like an adverse effect to me.