Unlike politics, blogging isn’t local.

Paul at Marketing Begins at Home makes an excellent observation:

Alain Jourdier brought me back to earth with a great reality check on how traditional marketing is still with us and isnt going anywhere soon.

In communities like Alains and mine, we live or die by the Pennysaver and the local weekly and monthly rags. To a lot of very sophisticated, technically literate people in my community, The Patent Trader is still an important source of news and information about whats going on in our backyard.

And the Pennysaver – the best place to find just about anything – isnt blogging anytime soon.

A blog seems far more likely to be read by someone far away rather than local. Mine certainly is. It is not ideal method to reach local people. And it’s a downright horrible method to reach people who are not as attached to their computer as I am. So yes the Pennysaver is still the best local marketing tool when you want to reach people in your area.

What surprises me though is that most newspapers don’t seem to understand that they could be the bridge between the Pennysaver consumers and blog consumers. Yet they seem content to let craigslist and the Pennysaver own those niches.