It’s not your father’s automobile.

Though apparently it is your grandfather’s Buick:

Sales have plunged by two-thirds from their peak 20 years ago, and customers rank high on the gray-hair scale. The average Buick car buyer is 68, and if the division doesn’t get a transfusion of young blood, it could go the way of Olds.

It’s a bit depressing when people don’t even want a Buick for free:

The good news was that three of the five cars with the lowest theft-claim rates were Buicks. You can sleep peacefully, secure that your LeSabre, Park Avenue or Rendezvous is unlikely to be gone in 60 seconds.

The bad news was that car-savvy professionals, albeit those in the business of larceny, consider your Buick so unappealing that they don’t want it even when it’s free.