Us versus Them.

Rick Segal makes an interesting point about the “Us vs. Them” syndrome sometimes seen in companies.

I’d like to split the Us vs. Them into two categories. There’s the version that happens between management and employees. I think that is what Rick is referring to and it can become poisonous quickly if management doesn’t realize what is happening and deal with it.

The other version is between departments. In a growing company you typically start to hear R&D complaining about what Sales customers, Sales complaining about R&D’s inability to deliver, and everyone complains about Product Management. And Technical Support are left to deal with the customer complaints.

Many times this version is just an occupational hazard of success, and the best way to clear it up is to put some process in place and make the departments more transparent. Once each department clearly understands how the other departments work, along with their responsibilities, usually the problems lessen.

Smart companies notice this, and they take steps to correct it.