Just ugly rumors.

This is hilarious!

Om Malik is talking about the rose-colored glasses that some folks seem to be wearing when the discuss VoIP. He points to Lance Ulanoff’s five reasons why he doesn’t have VoIP and the indirectly to Russell Shaw’s rebuttal.

The really funny thing is that Russell responds to most of the concerns by saying that you can just keep your existing landline and use cell backup to avoid the VoIP problems. Wouldn’t the point of switching to VoIP be to not depend on landline or cell backup?

As for the problems of blocking and security, they can certainly be overlooked, but that probably won’t make Lance feel better.

The voip weblog is pretty condescending when it says this:

Now, its Lance Ulanoff of PC Magazine coming up with elaborate, yet mostly fictitious, assertions against broadband VoIP services. I would take the time to deftly counter Lances silly diatribe of half-truths, but it appears Russell Shaw has handily done so.

The can say all they want about fictitious assertions, but Lance’s concerns are real. We have come to depend on a certain level of service from our phones that VoIP does not yet provide. We can choose to overlook those issues and use VoIP anyway, but belittling the real concerns of users does not advance either the technology or its adoption.

We would be better off enumerating the concerns, then prioritizing and resolving them.

Saying that you can use VoIP as long as you have a cell phone just sounds idiotic, especially if we ever hope to get beyond the early adopter stage.