It doesn’t take much.

Here’s a handy all-purpose press release template, courtesy of The Social Customer Manifesto:

[Company name], a [noted | leading | large] provider of [insert industry name here] solutions is [happy | pleased | thrilled] to announce [a new customer | a new product].

[Paragraph with lame details here]

[Paragraph with glowing quote from executive here, that was written by someone else]

[Paragraph with contrived quote from a customer here, that was written by someone else]

[Paragraph from a "Noted Industry Analyst" here, that took three weeks to get approved through the analyst's business prevention department]

[Pollyanna penultimate paragraph painting priceless predictions for the future of the industry]

[About Company X, a rehash of the lame stuff in the first sentence of the first paragraph]

Of course, you could always choose to put some creativity and effort into the process, and be different. It really doesn’t take all that much to stand out, especially when everyone else sets the bar so low.