Just another tax.

Jay Currie proposes extending the Canadian media levy currently on blank media to high speed internet connections. He suggests $2 a month, which is about 5% of what I currently pay. I already pay GST on my high speed service as well.

No offence Jay, but what is with this Canadian need to tax everyone and everything in the name of redistributing income?

I’ve had high speed service for a number of years now. I do not download music or movies. I buy blank CDs to backup my computers. Why should I be paying a levy to fund artists? I’m already forced to pay for the CBS, the Canadian Film Telefund, and numerous other arts subsidies through my tax dollars. And you state that the levy isn’t even being paid out to the artists.

I’m happy to pay for what I use. I still buy CDs and DVDs. I find it convenient and comfortable. So why should I have to pay twice?