Take a pill.

Jaqueline Passey, a real Libertarian girl, has finally switched to Firefox. Her post about it has attracted a stream of comments around one person who seems to be violently pro-Internet Explorer and Microsoft. In the words of this person:

Firefox is complete and total crap. I used it for a day and switched back because it was so not-ready-for-primetime.

I know there’s a lot of Firefox fans here, and I would just like to qualify my statements by saying: you’re all retarded.

Obviously this person does not exactly have an open mind, or tolerance for anyone with a different opinion. As such, the comments do make for an entertaining read.

One thought on “Take a pill.

  1. And after using it for a day, she agreed with me and switched back to Firefox.

    Hey, Larry, why don’t you also point to your threads on her blog where you play your propaganda machine and try to convince everyone that CERT advises people to stop using IE?

    I’m sorry. Would that be too embarassing because of how I shut you down by showing that CERT recommends you apply patches, and only stop using IE as an absolute last resort?

    Poor Larry. Doesn’t have a clue and doesn’t know it.

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