Deception at The Globe and Mail?

Mathew Ingram, a columnist for The Globe and Mail, apparently has a blog. Well it does resemble a blog in the sense that there are some text items posted in reverse chronological order, but there is no RSS feed and no way to search, and I can only go back in the list of items by going to the previous page. The items are also chopped in half by the page limit, much as a printed page would be.

The “blog” describes itself this way:

Mathew Ingram’s “blog” is a collection of brief items – from the interesting to the unusual, and occasionally the outright laughable. Feel free to e-mail your suggestions and/or comments.

There is a some deception going on at The Globe and Mail though. It seems that recently when I search for something, Mr. Ingram’s “blog” always appears in the first few results.

Just for fun, I searched the paper for the work “sex”. Lo and behold, Mr. Ingram’s “blog” is the fourth entry. When I click on it go to the blog and search for “sex” the word is not found.

This is certainly not earth-shaking, but it is curious. Is The Globe and Mail manipulating search results to highlight particular parts of the paper?